There are 3 Torch Walks to Enjoy

They are free to join and last 1.5 hours.

Both the Formby walks will twist and turn along the woodland paths and Crosby Promenade will be on the beach as well as the Prom.

Remember to bring a torch with you.


Thursday 17th October: Formby Pinewoods

Walk Leader: Steph

Time: 6.00pm at Freshfield Train Station (on Liverpool platform)


Thursday 31st October: Lifeboat Road, Formby

Walk Leader: Steph

Time/Place: 6.00pm at Formby Train Station ( on Southport platform)


Thursday 14th November: Crosby Promenade

Walk Leader: Steph

Time/Place: 6.00pm at Hall Road Train Station (on Southport platform )