Southport Emergency Active Travel Route

We know that getting to Southport town centre for work, shopping or leisure is a priority for our community. We need to make sure that town centres are well connected to local communities by walking and cycling.

We are helping people to get to and through the town centre by walking and cycling from the north and south of Southport. The route is made up of streets and spaces which will be made more people friendly by making some changes. The route has been audited and we will be making changes to make it easier to walk along and this will include removing redundant signs, putting in dropped kerbs and tactile kerbs and working with environmental health to create an obstruction free route. The cycle route will be made by putting in separate cycle lanes, creating quieter streets by putting in modal filters or by creating Share with Care Spaces as described below. We are keen to engage with you to make the North South Route through Southport the best it can be.

Segregated Cycle Lanes

These provide a space for cycling which is separate from the road which vehicles would use. The separate cycle lanes will not block driveways to properties. People will not be able to park in the space where the separate cycle lanes are installed as this space is just for cycling.

Quiet Street

A quiet street is one where people will not be able to use the road as a through route by car. This is done by putting in a measure to manage traffic, called a modal filter, (usually near to a junction) in the road. For example, the modal filters may be one-way for people driving and buses (if on a bus route). Modal filters allow people to walk and cycle as they normally would and the street will be quieter because the through traffic is removed. This could mean that your driving route may change and you may have to take a different route to access your property.

Share with Care Space

This is an area that is shared with people walking and cycling and we will be encouraging people to take notice of the other people in this area.

Mixing Zone

A mixing zone allows a cyclist who wishes to turn right at a junction the opportunity to manoeuvre safely into the right turn lane by means of an advanced give-way for approaching vehicles.


The north / south route in Southport town centre will involve the following roads:

Queens Road – through traffic will be restricted which will make the street quieter for people living along the street and make it better to walk and cycle along.

Hoghton Street – Segregated cycle lanes on both sides of the street, which will remove parking along both sides and create a safe route for cycling. The bus stop and disabled parking bays will be retained.  A Mixing Zone will also be introduced on Hoghton Street. 

Chapel Street, Tulketh Street and Wesley Street – Share with Care Space

Talbot Street – (Eastbank Street to Portland Street) –Quiet Street, on street pay and display to be removed.

Talbot Street / Eastbank Street junction – A temporary traffic management trial will be undertaken to prohibit the exit from Talbot street onto Eastbank Street.  This will be in the form of a road closure across the exit lane only.  Traffic will be advised of a no through route at the Portland street junction.  Inbound from Eastbank Street into Talbot Street will not be affected and access into the Tesco Express will be maintained. Following a period of monitoring and review a Talbot Street / Eastbank Street junction signalised upgrade will be proposed for completion later in the year.

Talbot Street – (Portland Street to Duke Street) – Quiet Street with on street parking possibly to be made limited waiting for a period during the day but not in the evening. This will discourage all day parking but allow residents and their visitors to park during the evening.

Talbot Street – (Duke Street to Belmont Street) – Quiet street with on street parking possibly to be made limited waiting to discourage all day parking but allow residents and their visitors to park during the evening.

Please see downloads below for more information

Southport Leaflet

Simple Plan of Southport Routes

Talbot Street General Arrangement Plan

Chapel Street, Tulketh Street & Wesley Street General Arrangement Plan

Hoghton Street General Arrangement Plan

Hoghton Street Parking Plan

Queens Road General Arrangement Plan

Southport Town Centre General Arrangement Plan


Please note that all plans are subject to review and change

We appreciate that travel using public transport is difficult with social distancing restrictions and we hope to encourage walking and cycling as an alternative to car use by providing access routes to Southport town centre to link with other routes. We appreciate this is particularly important in that there are 17,660, 12 to 17-year olds living in Sefton and 28.5% (or 33,592) of households in Sefton do not have access to a car or van (2011). These measures will be monitored and adjusted if appropriate

Please tell us your views once the routes have gone in and we have finished our work on them. We may make changes to the way the route has been created based on what you tell us.

All comments can be emailed to