Maghull to Kirkby Cycling & Walking Route


With north Maghull earmarked for further growth, there is a need to connect new housing developments in Maghull with key employment and training opportunities (for example in Knowsley Industrial Estate) by active travel modes in order to provide an alternative travel option to the car.

The Maghull to Kirkby cycle route scheme is intended to encourage walking and cycling between Maghull and Kirkby by making the route more inviting and attractive for both pedestrians and cyclists alike.  The route starts at the junction of Maghull Lane / Prescot Road and continues along the A506 Prescot Road and Bank Lane to the borough boundary with Knowsley and meets the existing shared use provision. The plans also include two new crossing points which would improve access to local facilities and services. 

A consultation exercise was undertaken in December 2018 and a planning application was submitted and subsequently approved in August 2019. 

The main details of the scheme included:

  • The creation of a 3m wide new route which is off road and shared use (for both cyclists and pedestrians)
  • The provision of two new Toucan Crossings (on Prescot Road rear of the Pear Tree and on Bank Lane) to improve access to local facilities and services in the area

The main scheme objectives are:

  • The provision of a key link from the borough boundary with Knowsley along the A506 up to the junction of Maghull Lane / Prescot Road
  • The proposed cycle route will encourage walking and cycling from Maghull to Kirkby and vice-versa and hence contribute to modal shift
  • The proposed route will facilitate better access to employment and training opportunities particularly for residents without access to a car.


These works have now been completed apart from the installation of a replacement hedge which will take place in the coming months.