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Southport East West Links Cycle Route

There has been a lack of cycle facilities between east Southport and the north-south coastal active travel routes for some time therefore the East West Link scheme has been designed to deliver cycling improvements in Southport town centre to complement the strong north-south coastal cycle link and facilitate access between the town centre and the seafront.

The improvements consist of upgraded crossing facilities, on-road cycle lanes and off-road cycle paths and will link east Southport to the popular coastal active travel route.  The scheme will hopefully encourage a shift to walking and cycling by increasing the accessibility of Southport town centre by bicycle and improving the local active travel connectivity (both cycling and walking) between Kew, the town centre and the coast.

Encouraging more people to cycle will ultimately lead to reduced congestion, helping to keep Sefton clean and green whilst also resulting in lower pollution and better air quality.

Funding for the scheme was secured through the Liverpool City Region Sustainable Transport Enhancement Programme (STEP), the Liverpool City Region ERDF Sustainable Urban Development Programme (SUD) together with contributions from the Council’s approved Transport Capital Programme Integrated Transport Block and the Drainage Maintenance block allocations.

The scheme consisted of 6 elements detailed below:

Cycle Friendly Zebra Crossing, Town Lane Kew

The works included the construction of a parallel zebra crossing for cyclists and pedestrians including dropped kerbs, tactile paving, surfacing and flashing amber belisha beacons. The crossing area also included some accommodation works including surfacing and fencing to the existing access to the park.

Image of Zebra Crossing, Town Lane
Town Lane, Southport

Cycle Friendly Junction, Coronation Walk / Promenade, Southport

The Promenade / Coronation Walk junction works included upgrading the existing puffin crossing into a shared use toucan crossing facility. The central reservation has been widened as part of the crossing upgrade and new kerbed build outs have been installed to facilitate easier access when heading southbound down Coronation Walk.

Cycle Crossing Upgrade, Scarisbrick New Road, Southport

The Scarisbrick New Road works involved upgrading the existing uncontrolled pedestrian crossing in addition to improving a central refuge near to the entrance of Kew Park. The works included the removal of the existing crossing’s tactile paving and central refuge and the construction and installation of a controlled toucan crossing with new signals and tactile paving with some minor footway and carriageway surfacing.

Cycle Route alongside Fine Janes Brook

This section of works runs along Fine Janes Brook watercourse running behind Southport Hospital. The works included the construction of a new 3.0 metre wide shared use concrete footpath approximately 600 metres in length. This now connects Scarisbrick New Road and Town Lane.

Image of cycle route, Fine Janes Brook
Fine Janes Brook, Southport

Cycle Route along Town Lane

The Town Lane works primarily included the construction of a 3.0 metre wide bituminous shared use footpath approximately 200 metres long.

Cycle Route alongside Town Lane
Town Lane, Southport

Cycle Route & Drainage Improvements to the Coastal Road

These works include the reconstruction and widening of the existing cycle track on the western side of the Coastal Road over approximately 5324m. The construction uses a permeable surface material which will aid drainage of the path. There is still some work to complete on the Coastal Road but it is hoped that this will be completed in the Spring of next year.