Image of couple walking in a park

Walking in Sefton

Active Walks is Sefton’s local accredited Walking for Health walk programme and provides local organised walks throughout Sefton, they are volunteer led and follow a variety of routes including woodland trails, coastal paths, canal towpaths and local parks.  The walks also include Pram Walks with the pace of each walk being set by the group.

The programme also has longer walks beyond Walking for Health, Challenging Walks and Nordic Walks, something for everybody. The walks vary in length and time with walks lasting from ten minutes to several hours and are available at meeting points all over the borough of Sefton.

Walking can be the perfect exercise as it places little stress upon the bones and joints but users over two hundred muscles within the body and can help develop and maintain fitness.

Our walks programme is published on our events calendar or alternatively, contact us for a copy of our latest walking and cycling newsletter (also available to download).

There is no need to book and they are completely free of charge.

Independent Walk Pack

If you want to get out and do some independent walking without joining a group – we have just the thing……the independent walk pack is a compilation of easy to use and easy to walk routes of various lengths, utilising some of the existing network of pathways in the borough. Some of the walks are also accessible for wheelchair users.

For further details, see here