Walking is a great way of keeping us healthy.  Good for our joints, good for our muscles, good for our heart and good for our head.

The Active Walks Programme offers walks at different levels, short walks, medium walks and longer, more challenging walks.  If you haven’t walked for a while then join one of the short walks and enjoy the gentle pace offered.

It can be hard to stay active with a health condition, but walking could make all the difference because it is a low impact exercise.  Join one of our walking groups, led by walk leaders who will be with you every step of the way.  There are two walks in Southport that offer 30-40 minutes walks at a gentle pace to help you get back into your stride.

If you are unable to join any of the groups at the moment, then do a Front Door Walk, if you can, walk for 15 minutes from your front door, then after 15 minutes, turn back towards your front door.  Do it regularly and you will further away from your front door in 15 minutes – try it.