Our third ‘chat’ of the year took place back in July; once again we gave an overview of what we had been working on within cycling in Sefton since the first ‘chat’ in January and provided an update on the actions raised from the spring get together.

These included the role out of the close pass initiative that has been adopted here in Sefton from the original piece of work delivered by West Midlands Police. The initiative sees unmarked police officers cycling whilst recording footage of potential close pass manoeuvres and then re-educating offenders as to the correct distance to safely pass cyclists; the 3 events saw 21 motorists spoken to and a further 2 prosecutions. We informed the cycle chat that further close pass initiatives will be delivered across the borough in due course.

We also dealt with the issue surrounding the temporary closure of the Fisherman’s Path crossing and went on to look at infrastructure improvements that would be welcomed in the future, to help cyclists navigate their way through the borough more easily.

The chat was once again well received and Mecycle were, as ever, excellent hosts; the next chat will be on:

Tuesday 7th November / 6.00pm – 8.00pm

For more information, please contact us.