Our last chat of 2017 brought an end to the year of our revamped format of the old Sefton Cycle Forum. Again the format of the evening started with a feedback session from members of the panel providing information to the attendees about what work, initiatives and programmes Sefton Council and partners had been involved with since the last cycle chat.

Details provided included the new crossing at Fishermans path, which everyone agreed was working and providing a slightly improved method to cross the railway, information on the roll out of Safe Urban Driving (SUD) courses for professional drivers and how fleet drivers throughout Merseyside have been attending the training and taking on better driving habits (including how to react and deal with vulnerable road users) and an update on the situation around Portland Street (Southport) and potential proposed ways to alleviate the current issues.

Feedback was provided by attendees including local residents of the area affected. We also provided an update on scheme developments in the Formby area and how bridge improvements will be serviced on key cycle routes. The chat then welcomed PC Daniel Holdsworth, who works for the problem solving team linked to the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership.

Dan was able to give an in depth report on the work we have been doing in relation to the partnerships cycling thematic group, looking at reducing casualty data involving cyclists throughout Merseyside. The update included information around the Close Pass initiative and our ‘next steps’ in promoting cyclists rights and how we can hopefully change driver behaviour towards vulnerable road users.

After a much welcomed break and time to refuel with excellent coffee and tea from our hosts at Mecycle, we had an open question and answer sessions and a chance for attendees to talk informally with members of the cycle chat panel. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening again and we certainly feel the new format and venue has worked, reflecting over the year we hope everyone agrees that things have moved forward in a positive manner and we have plans in place to continue the good work.

The next chat will be on:
> Tuesday 6th March
6.00pm – 8.00pm
at MeCycle Café (next to Ainsdale Train Stn)