Schemes and Improvements

Sefton undertake several schemes and improvements to our network each year with active travel now being a major consideration. Making cycling and walking the natural choices for short journeys or as part of a longer journey with supporting objectives to increase cycling and walking levels ensures Active Travel gets included whenever possible when designing our schemes

Our vision for Sefton is a confident and connected borough where people can enjoy the use of many bicycle and walking friendly routes whilst we all work together to keep Sefton clean and green with a commitment to low pollution and better air quality. 

We have seen a dramatic increase in people walking and cycling in our Borough paticularly since the COVID 19 outbreak and as our roads and streets now get busier with traffic we want to give people the opportunity to keep up with their healthy habits. 

Sefton Council have also adopted their Climate Change Emergency Plan, which sets out how we will take steps to reduce our carbon emissions. Transforming the way we live and work is a critical principal of this plan. 

One thing we can do is to keep on walking and cycling and we will be supporting this by creating safe walking and cycling routes and improving conditions and infrastructure whenever we can.

The following are just some of our current schemes, we also have details of our future plans & Ideas:

Our Future Plans & Ideas

Emergency Active Travel Routes

Emergency Active Travel Routes – Bootle

Emergency Active Travel Routes – Southport

East West Links Cycle Route, Southport

Great Georges Road Walking and Cycling Improvements, Waterloo

Maghull to Kirkby Walking and Cycling Route

A59 Northway / Damfield Lane Junction Improvement, Maghull

Crosby Coastal Path – new and upgraded cycleway and footway

Additionally you can see the usage figures for some of our new walking and cycling lanes on our monitoring page. We are adding more counters and will provide more data as soon as its available.

Active Travel Walking and Cycling Monitoring