Potholes are  unfortunately an unavoidable occurrence on modern highways, increase traffic flow, water ingestion and changes in winter temperatures are all causal factors in creating potholes.

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Councils Highway Maintenance team keep track of  all carriageway defects and maintenance issues, receiving £681,084 from the Government Pothole Fund that was announced in the Budget in March 2014, the team respond, report and repair the defects in a coordinated approach throughout the year.

The issue of road defects was highlighted by the attendees of our recent Sefton Cycle Chat, in order to address these issues we are providing mechanisms for reporting any problems, either directly to Sefton’s Highway Maintenance Team or via a independent website and mobile app.  You can highlight a defect or carriageway issue directly to the team by following the reporting link.

Alternatively you can utilise the online tool and mobile application, Fill That Hole, delivered and managed by Cycling UK (Formerly CTC) to report potholes or other carriageway defects, this option is particularly useful as a mobile device, available FREE to download, allowing you to record and log the defect immediately.

Fill That Hole