Statistics show that cycling in Sefton is a safe activity; with a wealth of traffic free routes and many miles of advised on road cycle routes, coupled with the extensive 20 mph zones throughout Sefton, cycling throughout the borough is an enjoyable, quick and convenient method of transportation.

There are of course, as with any form of transport, occasions when incidents may happen involving other road users. As part of the Liverpool City Regions Cycling Thematic Group work and in response to feedback from our recent Sefton Cycle Chat, we have adopted the Collideoscope online tool for reporting collisions and near misses involving cyclists and other road users. The reporting mechanism allows you log the incident, a report is then generated and sent to Highways England who will investigate hot spot areas where multiple incidents are occurring and look to make improvements to infrastructure, highway design and road user behavior.

So if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision or near miss, please use the online tool to record the incident.