Has the New Year inspired you to get active and take the bike to work rather jump in the car or hang around for the bus?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve joined millions of others in opting for pedal power rather than the gas guzzler. Statistics show that most shorter and some medium length journeys are significantly quicker by bike and certainly substantially cheaper.

Sefton is also a great place to cycle and has some really useful cycle paths and infrastructure to aid your journey. Of course there will be the inevitable road that you will come across, either as a crossing or possibly to link one traffic free route to another. We have produced an ‘On Road Cycle Training’ handbook that provides good, practical information on road positioning, turning at junctions, dealing with roundabouts and traffic lights. There is also advice on how to make yourself more visible and aware.

If you would like a copy, either visit our download page or contact us requesting a paper version.