What is Independent Travel Training?

Our Travel Training programme works with young people aged 14 to 25 who may need additional practical support to use public transport, in particular people with learning, mental health or physical disabilities.  This can include long term health conditions, a lack of confidence or people with other barriers (both real and perceived) which prevents them from using public transport independently.

Travel Training can help to overcome transport barriers and broaden travel horizons enabling individuals to access opportunities for work, education and training that might not otherwise be an option. However, Travel Training has many other positive benefits.

What Support is available?

Travel Training is flexible and tailored to each individual based on an initial assessment and is offered on a group session and/or one to one basis as follows:

  • Travel Training modules covering specific topics including ‘Personal Journey’ Planning, Road Safety, Personal Safety and Using the Bus or Train. Each group session is stand alone, and can be attended as a whole programme, or as needed
  • One to One Support working over a number of practical sessions, to provide individuals with the skills to be able to travel on their own on a specific journey

Group sessions and modules are mostly delivered at our bespoke training facility, Ainsdale Hope Travel Training Centre,which features a simulated highway environment including bus stop and fully functioning pedestrian crossing.