Emergency Active Travel Routes – FAQ

Who are the Emergency Active Travel Routes for?

The routes are for everyone, we want to make sure our routes are fully accessible for people to walk, cycle or scoot.

When are the works due to start?

The works are due to start w/c 3rd August 2020.

How long will they take?

The works should mostly be complete within 4 weeks of starting. However we may have to return to make changes to the way we have done things and to make wider changes such as changes to the environment or more cycle parking for example.

Are the works permanent?

The works may initially be ‘temporary’ as in some cases, the materials needed will not be available due to the demand across the country.  Materials that are readily available within the restricted time frame may therefore be used. Further adjustments both in terms of materials and any changes (based on feedback) may therefore be made and the routes made permanent at a later date. We want the routes to be the best that they can be and we would like you to tell us how we can do this by emailing transport.planning@sefton.gov.uk or by visiting https://seftonliveablestreets.commonplace.is/

What consultation was undertaken?

The Government funding came with a requirement that schemes are put in very quickly (within 8 weeks). This means we could not consult on our ideas as we just didn’t have enough time. We do however want to understand how we can improve the routes and how we can make them better for you and encourage you to walk and cycle more for shorter journeys.  The routes will therefore be monitored and kept under review over the coming months. We are also happy to receive feedback and if you think we can make changes to make the routes better, please email us at transport.planning@sefton.gov.uk

Why have these routes been chosen?

In anticipation of the potential offer of government funding, we identified some principles and criteria for the assessment of potential interventions / new routes. Anticipated demand, need, safety and visibility were all assessed and potential schemes scored. The two schemes chosen scored highest against the criteria.

Where I live/work or visit doesn’t have cycle parking nearby, what can I do?

As part of this funding we can install some cycle parking.  If you know somewhere which is in need of cycle parking or are a business which would benefit from cycle parking, please tell us by emailing transport.planning@sefton.gov.uk