What is Bike Works?

As part of a new initiative, Sefton Active Travel have received some funding through the Department for Transport Cycling and Walking to Work Fund to provide help to connect people with employment and apprenticeships through cycling.

Working in partnership with Sefton@Work, our existing Community Travel Hubs and hopefully some new centres along the way, we aim to encourage wider uptake and participation in the opportunities offered through the hubs. There will be a specific focus on job seekers to provide information and skills and, where possible, connect them with employment opportunities.

So if you are looking for employment and think you would benefit from having a bike to help you get to work or you already have a job but are struggling to find adequate public transport to fit in with your shift patterns – we may be able to help. Cycling is cheap and very flexible and we may be able to provide you with a bike whilst also ensuring you have the skills to look after it, in addition to making sure you can ride it with confidence.

Over the next few months – we are looking to provide:

Some on road cycle training (if you need a little help getting on a bike)

Some restored or recycled bikes to help you get to work or training

Some Dr Bike sessions (if you already have your own bike but need a little help to look after it)

Some Bike Maintenance Courses (if you would like to learn to look after your own bike or you would like to restore and keep one of our recycled bikes)

Help with planning the best way to make your journey to work or training


If you think you have a need we could help with or want more information about our Bike Works programme, please complete our online contact form