A59 Northway / Damfield Lane Junction Improvement Scheme

Following completion of the improvements at the A59 / Dover Road junction in April 2020, further improvements were identified for the A59 / Damfield Lane junction which would include the extension of the cycle routes from Switch Island to Damfield Lane. 

Damfield Lane is a priority junction with Northway (A59) and currently there are no traffic signals on the junction. Right turning vehicles also need to cross two southbound lanes in order to proceed northbound, although there is a gap in the wide central reserve which provides some safety for vehicles to wait for a gap.

Junction Proposals

The new proposals consist of the following components:

  • Carriageway widening;
  • Signal crossing upgrades;
  • Shared Footway / Cycleway upgrade.

Please note that the existing footbridge will be retained, and the proposals described below will be in addition to the footbridge. The proposals will provide a change to the Damfield Lane junction with the introduction of new traffic signals on all arms of the junction, which will provide two significant safety benefits.

  • The first aim is to improve the safety for pedestrians with the introduction of ‘at-level’ crossing facilities to supplement the existing footbridge,
  • The second aim is to improve the safety for vehicles turning into and out of Damfield Lane

The scheme will consist of the realignment of the exit lane from Damfield Lane to facilitate a larger staggered pedestrian refuge. In addition, a traffic island will be introduced on the A59 northbound lane in order to segregate the right turn lane. Controlled crossing facilities will be introduced both on Damfield Lane east and west sides as well across the A59.

In addition to the junction proposals, if funding allows, then there are further proposals to increase the width of the existing bituminous footpath between Damfield Lane and Hall Lane. These would subsequently become shared pedestrian and cycle facilities.

Impact on existing facilities

Double yellow lines will need to be introduced close to the junction for safety reasons to ensure that vehicles do not park too close to the junction. Some on-street parking will be retained outside the properties on Damfield Lane.

The two bus stops located between Deyes Lane and the A59 junction will also need to be relocated and initial discussions with Merseytravel have provisionally indicated that they can be moved approx. 150m further south. These new locations will have the added benefit of being closer to the two new housing developments on Damfield Lane.

Works On site

The works commenced on site on 4th January 2021 with an expected duration of 3 months.

To undertake the works it will be necessary for some temporary closures on Damfield Lane (both east and west sides), in addition, for safety reasons it will also be necessary to have lane closures in operation on the A59. When works commence on site in January we expect the access into and out of Damfield Lane (east side) to be closed for between 2-3 weeks whilst utility diversions and the initial main works commence.